Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Vacuuming Robot

No discussion of home robots would be complete without discussing a vacuum. Here, we like the quiet, laser-guided Neato Botvac Connected over the Roomba. It features three high-performance filters, a side brush to clean near walls, a 2.96-cup-capacity bin (larger than the Roomba), and a simple magnetic boundary strip you can put anywhere you want to keep it away from. It cleans for about 1 hour on each 2-hour charge.
CNET testing shows it to be especially skilled at picking up pet hair (even over the Roomba), so it’s a great cleaning tool for families with shedding pets. It works well on carpeting, but cleaning hardwood is where it really shines.
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The real draw, though is the vac's Wi-Fi connectivity and app. You can drive your Botvac Connected around like an RC car or send the vac out to clean your floors from anywhere. If you don't need this connectivity, we'd recommend the Neato Botvac D series
The Neato Botvac Connected is available at Amazon for $699.99 and the Neato Botvac D Series is available at Amazon for $449.99.

Friday, November 17, 2017


The four power modes have distinct differences, helping the rider decide which mode is best for terrain or situation. Being crank driven also keeps the bike’s balance central and there’s no power delivery delay, but gear selection has to be matched to the situation to allow smooth power delivery. The motor assists up to 15mph which is easily passed on-road, or on flat terrain, but once you are off-road and on terrain that could usually prove difficult, the bike comes into its own and with a range of 40-90 miles.
I tested the new HAIBIKE SDURO HardSeven SL during a 40 mile off-road/on-road trail with challenging terrain and fast, fun downhill sections. The night before I charged the battery from half full to full, reduced tyre pressures and did the usual checks. The event started on various road surfaces and gradients; at this point we were in the same league as other cyclists on their non-electric mountain bikes.
Our advantage was not needing to reserve our energy knowing we’d have the upper hand on steep inclines and rough terrain. With this in mind, I played with the display screen features. The default set-up shows power input, battery left, time and speed. Through the menu you can toggle between, average speed, miles ridden, battery miles left, battery percentage, highest speed and an odometer.
The display also shows which power mode you’re in. I’d started with the bike in eco+, but Haibike sDuro HardSeven SL soon required more power to assist with farm tracks and deep ruts. I put the bike into high power mode to see what it could really do, considering an approaching steep incline. But I didn’t change gear and the bike made me pay as I had to put more effort into my strokes than anticipated. I quickly understood that changing down the gears allowed the motor to recognise I was climbing a hill, then the motor pushed me up in a breeze.

I eventually got used to how the gears affects how much power the bike assists with, alongside what power mode is selected. The terrain varied and I wasn’t expecting the comfiest of rides over rutted farm tracks. The Haibike sDuro HardSeven SL had a solid structure which sent vibrations through my body. With front suspension unlocked and some tyre air removed, it didn’t improve (something to do with the bike’s central weight) – the only time I was disappointed with ride comfort though. On all other terrain the bike performed great and made the ride bearable.
Haibike sDuro HardSeven SL’s power switches were perfectly placed, but I found the control button difficult to press with gloves on and awkward to find when not looking at the controls, which comprise four buttons. I feel this could be improved to allow easier, more straightforward motor control.
On the trail’s steepest climb, we saw how e-bikes compared to top-of-the-range mountain bikes. The appropriate gear and the high power mode were selected and a massive smile appeared on my face as I overtook an experienced rider muttering something under his breath. You still have to work for this rewarding feeling, but it’s nice to have a helping hand along the way.
I had 10% battery life with only nine miles left, so I reserved what I had left in case we came across another incline. With two miles left my team-mate ran out of battery and I was left with 6% (my team-mate had the higher spec bike, although weight, tyre width and overall effort affected this outcome). We crossed the finish line together with me having 5% left – a victory for the Haibike sDuro HardSeven SL!
I’d recommend Haibike sDuro HardSeven SL to someone wanting to take part in a similar event but doesn’t want to be worry about the steep inclines, or not being able to finish.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Solar Power Systems For Your Home Or Business

Solar electric (photovoltaic) systems generate electricity from solar energy. The solar generated electricity can be used in your home/office and/or exported to the utility grid. Therefore solar power systems are divided in two main types – connected to the grid, or ‘grid-tied’, and disconnected to the grid, also known as ‘off-grid’.

The main components of grid-tied systems are solar panels and inverter. Grid-tied systems only operate when utility grid is on. In case of utility grid failure a grid-tied system stops cannot generate electricity unless it is provided with power backup. Grid-tied systems are less expensive than off-grid system and require less maintenance.

Apart from solar panels most off-grid solar electric systems contain a battery and a battery managing device called charge controller. Inverter is not needed if an off-grid system has to provide power to DC loads only. Typically off-grid solar systems are more expensive – both as initial cost and maintenance costs.

If an off-grid system does not contain any other power generators, it is called ‘stand-alone’. Stand-alone systems are used when daily electricity needs of a household or office are up to 2.5 kW. If daily needs exceed 2.5kW, a purely photovoltaic system is usually not cost effective, and hybrid system is a better option to go for. A hybrid system contains at least one more power generator apart from the solar array – this might be a wind generator or a diesel generator.

Grid-tied systems are used to reduce your monthly electricity bills. Off-grid solar system are built in areas where getting connected to a utility grid is either impossible or not cost-effective. A solar system has a lifecycle of between 25 and 30 years and it appears a good investment to meet your future energy needs in a long-term period.

The problem however is that initial cost of photovoltaic systems and their components are still relatively high. You have your daily energy needs and you want to buy a solar system meeting them as cost-effectively as possible. Apart from your budget available however, there are some other limitations. You have a limited roof area and you don’t know how beneficial is the sun at your location for investing a large sum of money into a solar system. Last but not least – your site might turn out to be not suitable for installing a solar system. Also every solar system need charge controller RENOGY 30A PWM CHARGE CONTROLLER is best choice for everyone.
An option is to call a vendor and having all the things evaluated. But how to select the right solar vendor? How to avoid all those unfair guys who are eager to take advantage of your lack of solar knowledge and do your down? How to be prepared to distinguish a good offer from a bad one and be aware of what would best match your needs and budget?

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Which is the best power bank under 2000₹?

With technology growing day by day and simultaneously carrying us to a very definite, comfort zone where we can within seconds be virtually present to our far away closed ones. And not only this, we are much more projected to many of our long distance unmet wishes (to talk and see live), where we always wanted to be there but due to no proper technology we stayed back, sadly.

Thus, in this so fast moving world, as barely only some can pull leisure time, even for his family and friends, thus it becomes obvious to only think and only remember in heart about them. But with the rising technology and it’s so advanced features, now sitting in any corner we can within seconds have a so pleasant talk in any other corner of the world.

And the answer here is our own smartphones. These nifty devices, has made our life so easy and amiable. No matter, wherever we are, still we can talk and be virtually present now to anyone with the exceeding technology that’s attaining splendid heights.

As, smartphones and other handy gadgets of ours are backed up with a battery power, thus they too need to be recharged on regular intervals. And think what, when we are outdoors and get a sudden distress on checking the low battery notification when about to make a very important call? That situation will assuredly leave us jolted, having no clue or convenience to perform that call.

Then and there a power bank (for example: GOAL ZERO VENTURE 30 RECHARGER ) comes as a saviour. This exceptionally advanced and helpful gadget on the go gives the liberty to charge your smartphones and other USB enabled devices. And meeting all your expectations and needs, COOLNUT Power Bank 20000mAh with

Three USB output serves as the best one among all other brands of its range.Thus, the best in quality and par-excellence this Coolnut power bank is a superb and the most suitable power bank for every mobile user. With the three USB output charging ports, very easily charge your three devices at a time with a fast charging power output of 2.1A. And with this, the power bank has a perfect and sober looking, stylish black color ABS+PC shell case. The material is very durable and can easily withstand all blows that will on day-to-day basis dart to it.

Moreover, the fine grip size and the so pristine curves that it possesses, will surely leave anyone beyond that control. Whether, use amidst your friends, or in the office, everywhere this lovely power bank will bring you with delight and royalty. You can also get the right idea of the remaining charge in the power bank by the 4-LED indicators. And your temptation is much more increased by the LED torch, that will make your way clear when stuck in dark environments.

So, this multipurpose best performance Power Bank is the one that will completely suit all your needs and wants. Always get the most fruitful, excessive and well organized charge at all times with this superb efficiency power bank. You’ll never for sure, think twice after its virtuous buy. Guys, just go for it blindly and you’ll have the best friend for your gadgets that you would ever have.

  • Capacity : 20000mAh Best Power Bank
  • Built-in 4 LED indicators displaying battery percentage
  • Stylish Design with Smooth Curves,Safe and Intelligent Charging Mechanism
  • Warranty : 1 Year manufacture warranty on Power Bank and 6 Month manufacture warranty on Accessories from the date of purchase.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Explaining Child Custody

When parents get a divorce or when a couple that was never married breaks up, child custody issues will need to be addressed. The parents will have to make important decisions as to legal custody, physical custody, joint custody and sole custody of their children if the kids are under the age of 18.

As a parent, your child's welfare is the most important thing to you. If you have serious issues with your spouse or the mother or father of your child, then you need to tread these waters very carefully. If you are a victim of domestic violence, or if your child is being physically abused, then you need to seek legal help right away. The system does its best to protect domestic violence victims but you need to do what you can within legal limits to remove yourself and your child from the potentially dangerous environment.

It is not uncommon for the abuser to instill an overwhelming amount of fear in their victims. If your life or the lives of your children have been threatened by your attacker if you leave, then you need to be extremely careful with how you handle this situation. It may seem easier to stay in the violent situation but you cannot make the mistake of staying. Domestic violence can quickly escalate and you wouldn't want you or your child to experience life-threatening injuries.

If you are afraid that your spouse will kidnap your children if you get a divorce or harm you in any way, it's all the more reason to seek legal help. There is nothing safe about staying in an abusive relationship and getting a restraining order can help protect you and your children as well as help your upcoming child custody services.

The term "custody" refers to who has the child,and what time either parent will have their child(ren). There are different versions to this, and different situations will elicit a different type of custody. Sole custody refers to both legal and physical. Legal custody is the parent's right to make important decisions for the child. These could include decisions about where the children will live, what religion they will be raised with, where they will go to school, who their medical doctor will be and what types of extracurricular activities they will be enrolled in. The parent with physical custody has the child living with them most of the time and they have the right to make important decisions regarding the child's everyday needs. When an individual has sole custody, it means that they have both legal and physical custody of their child and the child has only one primary residence.

Split custody is where there are two children and one child lives with each parent. This type of arrangement is dependent upon the age of the children and the preference of the children involved.

Joint custody has several meanings; First of all, it refers to situations in which both parents have the right to make decisions about their child's upbringing, but the child has one primary residence. With shared legal custody, the child has two primary residences, and they must spend at least 35% of their time with the other parent. The courts scrutinize joint custody agreements, and when parents are constantly fighting over certain issues the court might strike it down altogether. It's extremely important that parents who are pursuing joint custody try to work with one another to determine what will be best for the child or children involved.

Family courts in Pennsylvania have moved away from automatically awarding custody to the mother in cases of divorce. Today, the courts are gender neutral and will give both parents equal consideration if they cannot come to an arrangement on their own. There are a number of factors that will be considered before making a determination. They will look at each parent's willingness to share custody, the financial situation of each individual, the child's relationship with each parent, employment considerations (long hours etc.), age, the number of children and more.

Furthermore, if the parents were never legally married it will be necessary to establish paternity before awarding a father custody and visitation rights. Before paternity is established, the child is considered the mother's child; therefore, if a father desires to have rights to his child, or if a mother wishes to receive child support paternity must be admitted or established in court.

Custody arrangements are not permanent. Circumstances can change over time, giving parents the need to make a modification to the existing agreements. At any point in time before the child turns 18 years of age, either parent can petition the family court for a modification.

If you are contemplating divorce, or if you have already been served papers it is important to seek the services of an experienced attorney. Your attorney can help you draw up a workable child custody services Tacoma and visitation agreement with your spouse. If the splitting couple cannot agree on a child custody and visitation schedule, then professional legal counsel can fully prepare your case to ensure that your side is accurately presented in front of a judge. Either way, retaining the services of a qualified lawyer will give you the best chances of reaching a favorable outcome in your child custody matter. So please, contact a family lawyer today so you can start protecting your parental rights.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

There’s Nothing Little about These Small Business Pitfalls

If you’re running a small business, you might think that the problems you’re going to face are also shrunk in size. This isn’t necessarily true though. A small business could face the same major disasters as a large corporation. For instance, a small company could be hit with a lawsuit, see the reputation get damaged, or experienced a tech failure. Don’t forget that even small businesses are reliant on tech these days. Due to this, it’s important to be aware of these problems and learn how to handle them if you’re running a small company.

System Error

It’s always scary when that particular message pops up on your computer screen, particularly if the system won’t respond. You have to reboot, and there’s no way of knowing if everything will still be working once you do. It’s entirely possible that your hard drive has been wiped. That error could even have been the result of a hacker attacking your network. If you think it’s just big businesses that are exposed to the danger of hacking, you’re mistaken. This year there was a massive hack against websites online. Both big and small businesses were affected. The issue here is that a small business might not be able to afford additional levels of security. They might also struggle to get systems back up and running if they do crash. So, what’s the answer? We suggest you invest in a 24/7 IT support service. For a smaller charge, you have unlimited support if there is a tech issue.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Relationships Matter: Why Collaboration Is Good for Your Business’ Online Presence

Building a website and launching an internet marketing campaign can help attract more viewers – potential customers – than you can imagine. Once you gain enough traction and have a steady stream of visitors, it is time to take your internet marketing efforts to the next level.

Doing everything yourself and not depending on other parties is great, but there are times when collaborating with others is great for business. In this economy, the relationships you build and maintain matter. There are three ways collaborating can help boost your brand or business’s online presence.

High Authority Backlinks from Top Sites

While SEO and content marketing can attract a lot of traffic, the best way to build credibility and establish your brand online is by getting a lot of coverage from other sites. Link building has been one of the best ways to do off-site SEO and it is now more useful than ever.

Don’t just make an attempt to get as many backlinks as possible. Relevance and quality are more valuable than quantity. This is why you need to build and maintain good relationships with other site owners and key social media users.

Vacuuming Robot

No discussion of home robots would be complete without discussing a vacuum. Here, we like the quiet, laser-guided  Neato Botvac Connect...