Friday, March 17, 2017

Relationships Matter: Why Collaboration Is Good for Your Business’ Online Presence

Building a website and launching an internet marketing campaign can help attract more viewers – potential customers – than you can imagine. Once you gain enough traction and have a steady stream of visitors, it is time to take your internet marketing efforts to the next level.

Doing everything yourself and not depending on other parties is great, but there are times when collaborating with others is great for business. In this economy, the relationships you build and maintain matter. There are three ways collaborating can help boost your brand or business’s online presence.

High Authority Backlinks from Top Sites

While SEO and content marketing can attract a lot of traffic, the best way to build credibility and establish your brand online is by getting a lot of coverage from other sites. Link building has been one of the best ways to do off-site SEO and it is now more useful than ever.

Don’t just make an attempt to get as many backlinks as possible. Relevance and quality are more valuable than quantity. This is why you need to build and maintain good relationships with other site owners and key social media users.

There are ways to speed things up though., for example, can help you get around the trouble of connecting with industry experts and building relevant backlinks. You can also rely on analytics and research tools to discover new opportunities to collaborate with other websites. Checking for dead links so that you can contact the site owner to offer assistance is still one of the best tactics to try.

Influencer Marketing and Endorsements

Another way to boost your online presence and expand your reach is by working with influencers. Influencer marketing is huge, especially now that there are more influencers on social media and video sharing platforms. You are no longer restricted to celebrities and big budget campaigns.

Working with influencers is much easier than you think. Indie brands such as Peak Design and Pandora are very popular among customers simply because they work with the right influencers. Paired with organic content and millions of followers, it is a very effective collaboration to engage in.

Collaborative Videos with Other Brands

One last collaboration opportunity to explore is video marketing. Videos are much more difficult to produce than articles, but they are also very effective in engaging viewers and conveying key messages. There are ways to make creative, interesting videos your audience will enjoy, but working with other brands may just be the edge you need to expand your reach.

Start looking for complementary products that work well with yours and explore the possibilities of doing video marketing together with other brands. The most epic example of this type of collaboration is when Red Bull teamed up with GoPro for the Stratos project. Together, both brands attracted a large number of viewers on YouTube with the spectacular stunt.

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