Wednesday, March 29, 2017

There’s Nothing Little about These Small Business Pitfalls

If you’re running a small business, you might think that the problems you’re going to face are also shrunk in size. This isn’t necessarily true though. A small business could face the same major disasters as a large corporation. For instance, a small company could be hit with a lawsuit, see the reputation get damaged, or experienced a tech failure. Don’t forget that even small businesses are reliant on tech these days. Due to this, it’s important to be aware of these problems and learn how to handle them if you’re running a small company.

System Error

It’s always scary when that particular message pops up on your computer screen, particularly if the system won’t respond. You have to reboot, and there’s no way of knowing if everything will still be working once you do. It’s entirely possible that your hard drive has been wiped. That error could even have been the result of a hacker attacking your network. If you think it’s just big businesses that are exposed to the danger of hacking, you’re mistaken. This year there was a massive hack against websites online. Both big and small businesses were affected. The issue here is that a small business might not be able to afford additional levels of security. They might also struggle to get systems back up and running if they do crash. So, what’s the answer? We suggest you invest in a 24/7 IT support service. For a smaller charge, you have unlimited support if there is a tech issue.

Upset Employees

Upset employees are dangerous, and we’re not talking about the threat of a strike here. Although, that it a very real possibility that you might want to consider. We’re more interested in what happens if an employee sues your company. Usually, this will be due to a small seemingly insignificant injury they suffered that grew out of control. A key example of this would be Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI). RSI starts slow and before you know it employees have irreversible chronic pain. They are just itching to bleed you dry for the damage that you have caused them. As a small business, you have a real opportunity to treat your employees the right way. Avoid looking at them as a means to an end. Instead, consider them part of a business family, and they will treat you the same way.

Remember, an issue like RSI can be avoided if you treat your employees well. Provide them with chairs that offer good back support from a business like Arnold’s Office Furniture. If you do that, they won’t develop an issue like this.


Yes, almost every business on the market is guilty of overspending somewhere along the line. This is a bigger problem for smaller businesses because they often stay profitable by the skin of their teeth. Due to this, they can’t afford to put anymore risk on the company. Overspending is avoidable if you hire a professional to monitor your accounts. With a top accountant, you won’t overspend, and you will have more funds left over than you realized.

As you can see, there are lots of issues for the average small business. But with this advice, they can be overcome.

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